Thursday, September 21, 2017


Tenor and Bass ensemble "Love Changes Everything"

To find happiness, first one must know to sing.  Songs have a way of whispering in ears to calm a raging soul, to catch hearts when either falling broken or falling in love and, with love being the essence of this occasion, what more idyllic a setting to sing on a day which sparkled, than from inside the quaint little white Chapel on the Green at Say ‘I do’ in Somerset.  
Carolyn King " Wonderful, Wonderful Day"
Amid all the colours of Spring, songs of love sung by members of the Esk Community Choir in solo,  duet and ensemble rang from within to meld with the eye-catching outside displays of all things ‘Wedding’.

To the flawless accompaniment by Alexis and Margaret, a small audience was delivered an injection of romance with Carolyn’s heart-warming Wonderful, Wonderful Day, a touch of tenderness from Marina and Brian’s When I Fall in Love and the poignancy of Love is a Many Splendid Thing beautifully sung by Kathie and Bob.  If people weren’t loved-up enough by then, Susie and Eric’s impassioned performance of Live With Somebody You Love would certainly have achieved the objective and the Choir Ensemble’s emotive Sabbath Prayer followed by the Men’s Love Changes Everything could surely have had either paramour popping the question.  In a sweet harmony of sounds, The Sweethearts of Song encapsulated the mood with Chapel of Love and The Wedding with Kathleen at the helm.

Later, it appeared that the extraordinary talents of some Choir Members did not just stop at the quire when our chic choir chicks, Kathleen, Marina, Carolyn, Joann and Judy joined with other models to strut their stuff on the Say ‘I do’ in Somerset Catwalk, stepping out in the gorgeous Spring collections from Tiffany’s Boutique in Gatton.  Clearly evident to all who came to enjoy the day was that singing, style and sunshine in the Somerset was a match made in Heaven! 

By: Susan Walker

Marina and Brian Crichton "When I Fall in Love"

Sue Walker and Eric von Nida " Live With Somebody You Love"

The Sweethearts of Song 

Alexis and the Piper

The men of ECC with the Piper

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


To a choir from the country, an invitation of a trip to sing at the sea-side is always an enticement and so on an exemplary Winter morning on Monday, 10th July, thirty-four Choristers, with spirits soaring, made their way by bus or car to give their all to an eagerly awaiting audience at ‘The Village’, Rothwell at Redcliffe. Touted as “a really brilliant choir who has sung at the Sydney Opera House” the expectation of this audience must certainly have equated to the elation felt by the choir members as they made their way into the Village’s magnificent new performance venue.  

With audio ace, Greg having already prep’d the room with the appropriate amount of amplification, our Queen of the Keyboard, Margaret, comfortably seated at a sparkling new upright, Alexis poised, calm, her confidence contagious, the Choir took up their positions and for the next hour, gave a variety of performances which, from all accounts, did not disappoint.

From the power and pulse of the opening sacred songs, the beautiful A. L. Webber Love Changes Everything by the men’s ensemble, Nola’s fabulous rendition of Why Am I Always The Bridesmaid?, as popular this day as ever it might have been in Victorian Music Halls, to the My Fair Lady Ensemble, frocked in their finest with voices to match, the concert goers were captivated.

My Fair Lady  - Ensemble

Gail Webster
Eric von Nida 

A short break then for audience to sip and sup but not so much as to diffuse the expectation of what was to follow as Gail and Eric lit up the stage area with their sensational Gilbert and Sullivan excerpt from Patience, So Go To Him, a perfect prelude to the Choir’s and Bob’s rousing selections from Trial By Jury.   

I Love a Piano
The ladies’ up-beat Irving Berlin evergreen I Love a Piano never fails to produce smiles and evident on some, surely tears of joy as the Choir came together for their emotive final bracket, The Gypsy Rover, the poignant Let There Be Peace and And So I Sing, a selection from the many beautiful songs which have awakened so many other audiences to the joys of singing.
To Entertainment Director, Jenny; to Bev, a one-time Laidley resident and a wonderful supporter and friend of the Choir; to all the kind folk of The Village, the Choir extends its sincere thanks for their kindness and warm hospitality which made us feel very special and completely satisfied following a truly scrumptious lunch.  However, a ‘trip to the sea-side’ is never complete without a trip to the sea-side so it was all aboard the bus and a quick jaunt to the picturesque Redcliffe Esplanade where people enjoyed a wander through the Bee Gee's Walk and a quiet place by the beach to reflect upon the events of a delightful day.
By: Sue Walker



A little frivolity with the new sound technician, Greg.
The Redcliffe Pier

Find a microphone and everyone is a Star

Sue Walker with The Bee Gees - They look very impressed

The Rocking Trio - Nola, Jo and Carolyn with the Bee Gees

Bob giving the Bee Gees a few Classical Pointers

Steve  - showing the Bee Gees a little Style
Kids will be Kids !
Is this St Margaret of Worms  - Keeping the blessings flowing.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


There are times when, for the Esk Community Choir, the line between ‘’performances’ and ‘performance’ becomes a little blurred and so it was when a whole bunch of choir members frocked up in their finest for their day in the sun at “The Eskot Races”.

At a time following the joy of “My Fair Lady”, Eric’s email, subject… “a smashing, positively dashing Spectacle: the Eskot Opening Day!” …to picture a place under a "Marquee on the "Hill" overlooking the verdant splendour of our fair Somerset racetrack” …was altogether too much to resist for many Choir members.  And on a day when even the Winter sun put on its own performance to smile on a capacity race crowd, we, along with Eric’s delightful family and friends, thoroughly indulged ourselves in the spectacle. 

Sue Cox, radiant in red hatted plumes, managed after almost every race to keep the Bookmakers supporting the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed; Grace, giddy with optimism after a win in the first, managed discretion for the rest and kept her kitty on an even keel; any horse with a musical themed moniker sadly failed to “move (its) bloomin’ arse” but heart-glow generated by our luxurious proximity to  the thundering hooves of those majestic thoroughbreds outweighed any disappointments from the betting ring.


To judge the fashion was an unenviable task with so many strutting their many elegant, many audacious outfits.  Eric, of course, was completely flamboyant in pink with top hat and tails; the always inventive Carolyn managed to adapt bra inserts to create a gorgeous fashion statement for her head but the prize for the most chic chick went to Marina and hubby Brian, resplendent in kilt and all the accompanying kit, won it for the men.

To our Eric, whose talents, we have come to learn, are not only restricted to his beautiful singing, goes our heart-felt thanks not just for his organizational skills and a lip-smacking lunch but for making this occasion so memorable for us all in so many ways.  The question of a theme for next year has been raised and if this writer may humbly suggest, being that it is the year of 40th anniversary celebrations, a costume from chosen past performances might be appropriate.  For Fashions-on-the Field, in my book, “Carlotta” could out-do a spotted tie any day of the week!



Tuesday, June 6, 2017


The Sweethearts of Song - Kathleen, Carolyn, Susie, Maree

They came…they saw…and judging by reactions and rousing responses at both venues, they adored every shoop -shooping- beebobbin’ moment of both performances when the SWEETHEARTS OF SONG along with Peter Edwards aka Pete the Plumber and Tommy (Cooper) Byrne presented to audiences their ‘Tribute to the Music of the 60’s…Divas and Dino’.


 Peter Edwards   - Jo Cocker
Tommy (Cooper) Byrne - emcee and comic

On May 27th at the Forest Hill School of Arts,complete with fairy lights, disco ball and a capacity audience and again on June 3rd at the Esk R.S.L.-turned-cabaret-central, the ceilings were lifted with the sounds of Aretha, Mamma Cass, The Shirelles, The Ronnettes, Supremes, Olivia, Dusty, Dolly, the Dixy Cups, ‘Dino’ and Jo Cocker all interspersed with the incomparable wit of Tom Byrne and, at Esk’s R.S.L., a scrumptious 3 course meal.

Showing off the legs and boots.

In a swirl of brilliant costumed colour right down to the 60s 'peace’ earrings and white patent leather boots, The Sweethearts who are Kathleen Watts, Carolyn King, Maree Lansdown and Susie Walker, swept their audiences into a toe tapping, hand clapping frenzy from the outset with their delightful harmonies and pulsating sounds of the 60’s Divas.  Following the drawing of raffles, they continued the theme with more of the songs, the popularity of which have defied time and generations making seemingly impossible the urge for subtle audience participation.  Who cannot resist the itch to bop along with the ‘Son of a Preacher Man’? There was Pete and Kathleen’s beautiful duet, the unforgettable Cocker/Warne ‘Up Where We Belong’, some enthusiastic audience participation with ‘The Shoop Shoop Song’, ‘Xanadu’, ‘Chapel of Love’ and an unsuspecting husband’s tentative reaction when Susie put her own humorous take on 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ …to wit ‘Heck, you realize I have to wake up next to that in the morning?!’.
Dean Martin

The soulful sounds of Dean Martin lent variety to the superlative entertainment when Pete, durry and drink in hand, melted hearts with some ‘Dino’ classics.  ‘Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime’, ‘King of the Road’, ‘Amore’ among others, along with the irresistible force that is the voice of Jo Cocker as Pete sang ‘What a Wonderful World’ and by crikey, during his Elvis medley, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love/Love Me Tender’, many did.

For their final heart-pumping performances on both evenings, it was ‘move over Supremes…The Sweethearts of Song have arrived!!’.  With sparkling sophistication, some co-ordinated choreography and the soulful sounds of The Supremes, Kathleen, Maree, Carolyn and Susie wowed the crowds with some of the group’s chart-topping hits. ‘Stop in the Name of Love’, ‘Where Did Our Love Go’, ‘The Happening’, ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’, ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’…and that was precisely the message translated by audiences as they gave standing ovations and were left hanging on for more.

The Supreme ladies of Glamour - Susie, Carolyn, Maree, Kathleen

Di and Sue - Ever ready to help.
To the super Sue Cox and her competent catering accomplices for giving so graciously of their time and talents in the presentation of the Forest Hill supper; to Leonie Elwell for managing the RSL Bookings and, along with her band of supportive RSL Angels served a simply scrumptious 3 course meal, clearing tables prior to the Sweetheart’s entries slicker than slippery socks on a dance floor; to Damien FitzGerald’s Boutique Meats for his continued generosity and to all those who have given  their support to this venture,  we The Sweethearts of Song, express our sincerest gratitude. 

To Kathleen whose dream it has been to create a girl-group, call it The Sweethearts of Song, source and arrange this fabulous repertoire, both venues, make them Choir fund-raisers and allow Maree, Carolyn and this writer the privilege of joining her on this journey, goes a priceless debt of thanks.
By: Sue Walker 

Full House at Forest Hill - Thanks for your support

Encore !!!!

A heart full of thanks